Colors: Beyond White Chiffon

There is no doubt that the most requested colors for weddings and special events are white and ivory. And yes, there are real benefits about going all white for example, you can change the mood of the room by adding up-lighting and turning the room from soft white to a saturated blue, magenta, or green in just a matter of seconds. But there is something special about dressing up a ballroom in colorful chiffon and silky fabrics. The key is in doing so tastefully because the line between classy and messy is slim—we are always cautious.

Matte tones in gold look great, even when combined with strips of white chiffon, and silver silky fabrics look beautiful on backdrops decorated with strings of crystal beads. Indian and middle eastern weddings are always super lavish in color, and they are our favorite because we get to do elaborative designs while keeping spaces elegant.

Some events get thematic, for example, in the spring, we typically have an event or two that is Mardi Gras inspired, and another that includes soft colors. Each season brings a new palette—from pastels to metals, we can design custom draping to fit your event.

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